Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chasing Cows at 2 AM with My Cowboy

Who needs tantalizing romance books with hunky cowboys on the cover when you've got your very own Cowboy chasing cows at 2 AM?

1:30 am ~ I woke up and padded into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Then I heard it. A cow lowed, the sound seeming to come from right outside the window. Okay, I'm practically blind without my glasses, but there was just enough light that I could see a black white-faced cow about six feet from the window. I woke Cowboy and he jumped up, mumbled something about it being the calves, and jerked on a pair of wranglers and cowboy boots and headed out the door. Since he sounded so desperate, I slipped on a pair of shoes and followed.
No, I didn't grab the camera at 2 in the morning, so this picture will just have to do!

1:40 am ~ There were three mama cows in the yard, and Cowboy chased them back into the pasture with the four wheeler. Horses are over-rated at 2am. Just sayin' Thinking all is well, I go back to bed, barely able to hold my eyes open.

1:45 am ~ What's taking him so long? Is he chasing cows out of the hayfield? He didn't take his phone with him? What if he flipped the four-wheeler and needs help?

1:50 am ~ Get up. Hear four-wheeler behind the barn. See lights. All is well. Go back to bed.

2:00 am ~ Still awake. No Cowboy yet. Get up again. Glasses. Cell phone. Shoes. Don't bother with housecoat. Go outside. No four-wheeler sound. No cowboy. No dog. But yelling!!! Yikes!!! Go around house and see four-wheeler light flashing halfway down the driveway. Yell back that I'm headed that way. Is he injured? Flipped the four-wheeler? Heaven forbid! Jump in a truck and head that way.

2:05 am ~ The newly weaned calves did get out of a catch pen. Ten 500 lb babies looking for their mamas were headed toward the highway! I drove them back toward Cowboy, and he chased them around the pasture until they went into a nearby pen to keep them safe for the rest of the night.

2:15 am ~ Back in bed, wide awake, but at least all the cows and calves are safe and accounted for.

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Missy Tippens said...

Wow, Pam, what a night!

Audra Harders said...

What a hoot, Pam!

500 lbs of baby. Do we still call them calves??

Ahhh, the life. Glad all went well!

Mary Connealy said...

The camera doesn't show much at 2 am anyway.

Janet McHenry said...

Pam, my husband Craig is a rancher, too, and I well know the challenges! When one of our kids says, "Don't look in the bathroom, Mom," I know Craig has brought home yet another newborn calf to try to warm it up and nurse it back to health. Thanks for your blog and FB friendship!

Pam Hillman said...

Janet, my blower dryer went missing once. Cowboy had it, a blanket, and a heater in the boys' playroom trying to save a newborn calf.

Yep, gotta save those babies.

Janet McHenry said...

Yup--been there, too. My farmer borrowed mine not for a calf but to unfreeze some water line or something. I told him he needed to get his own hair dryer.

Pam Hillman said...

Hey, that's a good idea! Now I know what I'll get him for Christmas. ha ha!

Janet McHenry said...

We won't begin a discussion about what curling irons or hair straighteners could do! hehehe...