Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cowboy Chic Decor ala Hillman Style

I was looking around my den the other day and thought about removing some of the ...uh... decorations, but decided to embrace the Cowboy Chic Decor instead.

And, just so you know, not a ONE of the following pictures was staged. They were captured on digital film in their natural habitat.

The den, or as much as I could get of it at this angle. Have you spotted where the eagles landed? If not, keep scrolling...

This decorative piece from Tadlock Stockyards is a little brighter than most, but adds a touch of color to an otherwise bland lampshade.

The assessorized Cowboy's Computer and "office"....

The ever-popular and much-sought-after JD cap reposing on a pleated lampshade.

The burgundy hat is Mississippi Cattleman's Association and the green and tan one is a Tadlock Stockyard cap. Tadlock Stockyard has got us covered!

Another Tadlock Stockyard cap with the Bose radio. One guess what the blue one underneath is...

And that's life in the Hillman Household.

You got a problem with it?


Audra Harders said...

Love it, Pammy! Your hat collection rivals the selection to be found scattered around the Harders' household. Besides your basic JD wear, we have a fine assortment of Kelly-Moore and various other paint companies and of course Cruel Girl and Cinch for dress up.


Diana Prusik said...

You decorate with hats the way my husband decorates with Diet Coke cans. What a fun glimpse into the Hillman world! :-)

iam6of11 said...

Pam, this is so cute and hey, you just may get a cowboy theme going....:)

Pam Hillman said...

Audra, we have lots of Kelly-Moore around here. I shoulda took a pic of a pair of my husband's work jeans.

He's a walking paint-chip!

Pam Hillman said...

Diet Mountain Dew and Spaceway (a local convenience store) cups are the norm here! lol

Oh, I meant to include in my post about the time my neice washed all of Iran's caps. I mean, she was trying to do a good turn. Some of them were filthy.

He was NOT pleased.

So, for Christmas, our oldest bought him a sports cap washer. You put the cap in the little rack thing and wash it in the dishwasher. I really need 2 or 3 more of those so I can wash several at one time. No telling how much water I'm using washing ONE cap!