Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What I'm Writing...and More

A special shout-out to Johnnie Donley for tagging me in this blog hop. It’s a fun way for readers to “hop” around on the internet and find new blogs to visit. If you came from Johnnie’s blog over to mine, then thank you for hopping over. If you arrived from a different briar patch, then feel free take a gander at Johnnie’s blog and check out her post from last week.

In the spirit of this blog hop, I’m supposed to share a bit about one of my works-in-progress, but this is a difficult topic as I hold my stories close to my heart until they’re ready to venture out into the wide-wide world. So, use your imagination to fill in the blanks! lol

Title: Trusting Trey

Genre: Inspirational Historical Romance.

Where did the idea come from? Trusting Trey features several secondary characters who just popped up like a crop of cabbage after a warm spring thaw in Stealing Jake, my debut book that released from Tyndale in July, 2011.

Short synopsis:
Haunted by the death of her husband in a coal mine accident, Johanna Thorndike, a young mother of two small children fights tooth-and-nail to keep the mine closed and preserve her husband’s memory. Mine owner Trey MacPherson is desperate to re-open the mine for reasons of his own. As these two butt heads, an explosion is bound to occur sooner or later.

Who or what inspired the WIP? As I wrote Stealing Jake, a character name J. T. MacPherson surfaced. MacPherson doesn’t actually show up in Stealing Jake, but he’s an integral part of the story. As a matter of fact, I deliberately left J. T. MacPherson non-gender specific in the first book because I couldn’t make up my mind whether MacPherson would be a man or a woman. By the time I finished Stealing Jake, the character had become flesh and blood, and his gender was cemented forevermore as James Thomas MacPherson III, or just plain old Trey.

Agency Representation: Steve Laube with The Steve Laube Agency.

How long did it take to write the first draft? Dunno. It’s still in progress.

What other books in this genre compare? Maybe the first book in the series, Stealing Jake.

So, that's a snippet of what I'm working on in addition to gearing up for the January 2013 release of Claiming Mariah.

Today, December 5, 2012: To keep this blog hop hopping along, check out Tyndale’s Introduction to the Digital First releases.
 And be sure to bookmark Tyndale’s blog and stop back by all throughout the month of December for more articles and interviews from the Digital First authors. I’ll be featured on the Tyndale blog on December 17th, 18th, and 19th, and I’d love to see you there.

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January-March 2013: I’m kicking off an exciting blog tour to celebrate the release of my new book with Tyndale, Claiming Mariah, releasing January 1st, 2013. Keep an eye on my website and facebook for more details about the tour, the book, and my exciting giveaway. 


Pat Trainum writing as Patricia Bradley said...

Loved Stealing Jake. Can't wait for Claiming Mariah.

Pam Hillman said...

Thank you, Pat! So glad you stopped by. Appreciate your support. :)