Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Seekerville!

Merry Christmas from Seekerville!
Seekerville is a group of 13 authors who all lived on Unpubbed Island together.

While the island was a sandy paradise, we longed to sail away to the Published Mainland. In 2011 we all saw our dreams come true as the last Seeker (me!) left the island and joined the Town of Seekerville.
We've sold over 100 books so far. This little table-top tree shares some of our latest releases. Our mission in Seekerville is to help other writers get off the island and to share virtual food, fun and fellowship with our readers.

You can check out our Village People here.

This ornament is filled with sand from Unpubbed Island. Isn't it adorable?

Happy Holidays from Seekerville!

Mary Connealy, Julie Lessman, Glynna Kaye, Sandra Leesmith, Myra Johnson, Debby Giusti, Cara Lynn James, Ruth Logan Herne, Missy Tippens, Audra Harders, Pam Hillman, Janet Dean, and Tina Radcliffe.

What's in Your Stocking?

Merry Christmas from Pam Hillman and all the Seekers!

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